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Our favorite accessories for the DJI RS2/ RS3

A few days ago I talked about the Crane 3s, and yeah I deliberately skipped the company's name because I cannot pronounce it correctly (sorry). I compared it to the RS2, the somewhat competitor and not the RS3 that was released recently. In my conclusions I complained about the lack of 3rd party accessories to customize the gimbal. Well let me show you why with a simple accessory my partner still uses the DJI RS2 when she needs a Gimbal.

The ergonomy, the way the gimbal is built will havce a massive impact on the way you film. That's why after a few projects I decided to switch to the Crane 3s as it was easier for me to create the images I wanted

My partner loves the DJI RS2 and still works with it for the same reasons. But the thing is, this choice is linked to a set of accessories that makes the gimbal much easier to handle.

I’ve been using SmallRig's accessories a lot. We are counting the last days of our Canon R5 but still, it has a SmallRig cage that I never took off from day one. Which shows how much I trust the brand and their quality products.

The handle, the mandatory cable protection and other little accessories that lets you attach all the things you need on your camera. For the DJI RS2, we added early on an additional monitor mount.

The Sling Handgrip, I had to have one. I hated the system you get in the pro package, and like I said in my previous video this helps make these low angle shots

And recently we got the SmallRig Dual Handgrip, which wasn’t necessary for me but apparently my partner prefers using the gimbal this way: with both hands on the sides! The great thing about it is that you still have access to the main controls with the wireless remote. Which helps keep both hands on the grip. You can mount other accessories on it, and still keep the whole setup balanced.

This further proves how necessary it is for us to be able to customize these gimbals. We are all different. I love to sometimes use them one handed, it gives me more freedom. My partner will use both hands so she needed the dual grip for additional stability.

Like all smallrig’s accessories it is well built, and easy to set up. The remote automatically connects to the RS2 with the bluetooth transmitter. You can of course use the remote off the handle, it has a range of roughly 100 metres. Depending on your style, depending on the way you work, there are plenty of ways you can further customize your DJI RS2. And the great thing about the accessories I just mentioned, is that they are all compatible with the new RS3.

Everytime I am missing a tool, accessory for my gear, I take a quick look at SmallRig’s website just in case. I wish they or other brands had develop more tools to further customize the Crane 3s.

SmallRig Dual Handgrip

SmallRig Sling Handgrip

SmallRig Monitor Mount

SmallRig Camera Cage for Canon EOS R5

SmallRig Camera NATO Handle

SmallRig HDMI and USB-C Cable Clamp

SmallRig Universal 9-in-1 Folding Multi-Tool Kit


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