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Crossfit photoshoot - 2 lights setup

Behind the scenes video feat. Ornella and Kevin

I captured these images in Cannes (France) a few weeks back. 2 CrossFit athletes and a simple goal: make a series of dark, dramatic shots. I've done a similar video in the past with bikini fitness athlete Priscilla Del Canto back in Strasbourg. Check out the setups I used back then if you haven't already.

For this CrossFit session, I used the same technique throughout with a few variations on placement depending on the number of shadows I needed. The lights are almost always facing each other, helping my athlete to pop out of the dark background. The angles of my lights were chosen according to how the muscles were shaped by the shadows. I would start from the side (complete split at a 90 degrees angle) and go slowly to a 45 degrees angle.

No use of HSS here, we are inside and not a lot of light was coming in. That is the reason why I am around ISO 160 and at a speed of 1/125th or 1/160th for most shots. I wanted dark but still, keep some details in the background. With these settings, you need a very short flash duration to freeze the action. With the Broncolor Siros L in speed mode, I was sure to get the shots.

I used the Beauty box 65 as a Rim/side/backlight with a grid on it for more control and to avoid light spill.

Here are a few details on 9 shots from this photoshoot. If the video goes too fast you can now take your time and analyze the diagrams and related pictures.

Gear: 5D Canon mark III 24-70 mm 2.8 L mark II 2 x Broncolor Siros L 90 x 120 cm Broncolor softbox 65 cm Beauty box by Broncolor








8 and 9 share the same setup:

The video was filmed by my beloved partner and assistant Marlène, with a GoPro Hero 4.

Huge thanks to Ornella Nicolosi and Kevin Fako Rantrua of Crossfit Cannes for letting me make this video.


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