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Home studio Portrait photoshoot

Behind the scenes feat. Lianna

This will be the last video I will make with a plain white wall behind me, I will be back next Sunday, with more in-depth videos. This video is the complete Behind the scenes video of another session I made at home. Remember my review on Muslin backdrops, where I showed you only snippets of 3 different sessions? Well here is more footage, a few more images, and a few words on this simple setup that you can make at home.

Lianna Nowell (Toulouse - France) Canon EOS R5 RF 50mm f/1.2 1/125sec f/1.2 ISO 50

You may have noticed, or you will probably notice that I didn't have a lot of room for this session. And this is only to show you how simple it is to make studio-like portraits anywhere. I’ve used cheap fabrics, muslin, vinyl, and canvas as backdrops all summer. Added a few accessories like a smoke machine, and an optical snoot from time to time. I also mixed continuous lights and flashes, just to figure out what suited my style best. In the end, it all comes down, to my mood, and of course on what I wanted to achieve. Here we used 3 lights, 2 Pavotube led lights above and behind for her hair and shoulders (set at 3200K) and 2 other lights left and right (set at 5600K). One will be used as the key depending on the pose, and the other as a fill light. The ration you ask? It depends on how you want your transition to be. Do you want it hard, or do you want a soft transition from light to dark? It's up to you to decide.

Lianna Nowell (Toulouse - France) Canon EOS R5 RF 50mm f/1.2 1/125sec f/1.2 ISO 50

Huge thanks to Lianna, she handled this like a pro! I am excited to be back next week because there are a few stuff I am eager to show you. Summer is almost over, have fun, or else life wouldn’t be worth living. Take care, and until next time, please, have a good one.


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