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Behind The Scenes - Virginia & César

Tango video feat. the iFootage COBRA 3 & K5s

This was a fun one to make. The last we met, it was for a photoshoot we made 7 years ago. I wanted to make a video with them for a long time, and we finally got to do it. Here are a few images that will show you how this tango video was made, and a few words on a useful tool that greatly helped us be efficient on set.

Making these dance videos require more prep and takes much more time to make than the majority of my photoshoots. But I feel like a kid again every time I make one. And even though I will still face budget constraints and have to make a lot of compromises, I prefer making films over photography.

We couldn’t rehearse on location so the first hour and a half were dedicated to finishing the choreography, lighting, and blocking. We started rolling once we finally had the entire shoot planned in our heads.

It was also my first time lighting a project with only Godox lights. We used 2 GODOX Knowled M300BI Bi-Color LED lights and a Knowled M600BI Bi-Color LED Light for the entire project. For that particular shape on the wine barrels, we used the Godox Spotlight Attachment VSA-19K, and we added the Godox FLS10 Fresnel with Barn doors on the M600BI Bi-Color LED Light, for the back lited scene.

We used a few new tools that really helped us that day. One was all filmed with the GFX100s, and the 45mm and 21mm IRIX cine lenses. I shared my first thoughts on these budget-friendly cine lenses a few days ago.

For this project, we wanted a compact and lightweight video setup, something for me and my partner that can be operational in a few seconds. A few days ago iFootage announced the release of a brand-new product that we had the chance to test before its release.

The new Cobra 3, in design, aims to speed up your workflow. It’s a quick solution to get smooth shots. Sometimes, I don’t want to carry around a gimbal, I just want to pull out my camera and within a minute shoot my sequence. A monopod gives you that additional point of contact for extra stability. You can shoot fast with confidence.

The improved quick lock and unlock mechanism makes it easy to go from the monopod to my beloved low-angle shots on the upgraded base legs where they added an extra 30mm to the legs from their previous version.

I got 2 of them, the standard monopod, and the one with the newly added foot pedal. The pedal is a welcomed addition as it will help you lock and unlock the monopod while filming so you can change positions on the fly.

Lighter and stronger than previous models apparently, but I can’t compare as I never got my hands on the old ones. But it sure feels robust and built to last.

I used both monopods with iFottage’s K5s video heads. The locking buttons and knob are easily accessible. They made it sturdier than previous models and enlarged the base. Pan and tilt movements felt smooth while filming. I was pleasantly surprised to see the plate compatible with my good old Manfrotto tripod.

For small movements, subtle pans, and tilts, with a lightweight camera, I will favor the Cobra 3 combined with the K5s. It’s packed with a nice bag that will facilitate its transportation. I know it will always be with me for every low-key video shoot I will make in the future.

The Tango video is now available on my 2nd YouYube channel, on VIMEO and Instagram... But since you are already here, here it is:

Get your hands on the COBRA 3: Cobra 3 Original Version

Cobra 3 - Pedal Version


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