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Freewell K2, The all-in-one filter system you will ever need!

Announced a few days ago… There are so many videos about these filters on YouTube right now. And there is a good reason for that. It’s a clever system, and they are that good. I didn’t use filters for years and then ended up using 3 different systems, and narrowed it down recently to only 2. But still, I wished someone would devise a system that would let me use only one. Freewell granted me that wish, all my favorite filters, for both photography and video in only one package!

So here it is, the Freewell K2 versatile Variable Neutral Density magnetic system, with an additional filter slot. VND of course, CPL, Graduated ND, Streak filters, mist filters, and more! You can have all these in an easy-to-use system.

I only started using filters in certain circumstances. When I have too much ambient light and my flashes are at their lowest settings but are still too strong, I have a VND on.

I use Mist filters when I want to soften my image a bit, sometimes 100mega pixels of detail is a bit too much. Plus that blooming effect on light sources has its uses.

And something I have been doing recently is using a graduated filter (a Gradual ND) to darken my skies for a more dramatic effect (down below is a reverse GND).

I’ve made a series of videos talking about my use of these filters already in the past and some of you are already very familiar with the use of these. So I won’t dive deeper into the effects. What’s interesting here is that Freewell has created a system where you can have all these filters in one package!

I used to have a Square filter for my gradual ND filters. Half of the filter is of neutral density which transitions gradually, into the other half which is clear. With square filters, you can adjust the rotation of the horizon line, and its vertical position within the frame. Something you cannot do with circular filters.

I also use streak filters for effects from time to time. The way I used to do it is with this stackable magnetic system… Yes, this is the Freewell Magnetic VND system.

So Freewell already made a clever system that became my go-to system whenever Grad NDs were not necessary. But they went further with the K2. Redesigned the whole system and now I can literally say it is the only filter system I bring with me because it has all the filters I need.

I said earlier I was already a fan of the old system. So I knew it would be well made. It’s future-proof, I got the 82mm version with a few adapters to fit most of my lenses. They extended the range of the VND it now goes from 1 to 9 stops. And worry less about color shifts. It's unnoticeable even when stacking the filters, I haven’t had any issues so far.

If you do both photography and video, this might be the All-in-one filter solution for you, because instead of buying multiple systems, you can invest in only one and save a bunch of money. Get yours now: FREEWELL K2 Magnetic VND system


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