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Goodbye Strasbourg!

I was 3 months away from the road trip when we planned this shoot. Before leaving Strasbourg, I wanted to try one last time to create pictures in iconic places of my city. I still have a long list of special places that I wish to incorporate in my “InMotion” series. Unfortunately, only the Library André Malraux, BNU, Aubette, Eglise St Pierre Le Jeune and the Pavillon Joséphine became a reality...

I felt a bit bitter after my first photo shoots in the church St Pierre le Jeune and the Pavillon Joséphine, as I thought we could have done more in these places. I was lucky enough to be welcomed a 2nd time in both places.

I was really impressed by Sasha's skills as we were forced to work in really difficult conditions. No flashes/strobes or any kind of artificial lights were allowed. So in order to keep a decent image quality and have acceptable noise in our pictures, we had to prioritize poses that could be held a few seconds! Here are the results of the pictures made with a hand-balancing master:

I now have (and you may have noticed if you follow my work) an history with Fanny... Somehow you can see the evolution of my work by just recollecting all the pictures we did together. We were supposed to meet with her twin sister, Noemie, at the Pavillon Josephine in Strasbourg that day but guess what, things turned out differently and she got sick! Fanny and I ended up improvising a solo session, and like always, we ended up making really awesome pictures. Fanny never let me down, I will sure miss our regular meetings in front of my lens.

Amongst the place I would have loved to photograph, there is one in my city that I hope I will shoot someday: The Cathedrale Notre Dame de Strasbourg.

My fingers are crossed, in hopes that one day this dream comes true.


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