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Inspiring places, la cité du vin (Bordeaux)

My relationship with Bordeaux started in 2015, and each time the experience was a great one. The city, the people, the food, it's always a pleasure to be back in the city, especially when I know I will fantastic performer to work with. There are dozens of fantastic places I would love to use for my work but I've managed to access only a few of them so far. Darwin, la Base sous-marine, le Palais Gallien were some of the first places I had the joy to work in. Every time I return to a city I try to find new locations for my work. And my goal is to always surprise myself with the artists I work with and the people that follow my work.

La cité du Vin is one of these places I never thought I would ever gain access to. The uniqueness of its architecture alone is worth a visit. My philosophy is: “if you never ask you will never know...” A few emails and calls later I was inside the museum creating with Soloist of the Ballet de Bordeaux Vanessa Feuillatte and multi-talented dancer Allegra Bird.

I had a specific idea of what I wanted to do inside. At least one picture would fit in my series with flying fabrics. I don't often have the luxury to take my time on a specific picture and this session was no exception. I was accompanied by Coralie and Damien that morning, because how can I create these images without the perfect team?

Choosing the right pose took a bit of time, we rehearsed a bit and of course, it took us some time to nail the pose and the right shape with the fabric. After a few fails, here are the 2 shots we managed to pull out that morning.

5Dmark III 1/100sec f2.8 ISO 500 16mm

On the 2nd day, I met a long-time friend, one of the first performers I worked with in Bordeaux. Deborah aka Allegra Bird is always open to new ideas and has always trusted me in the past. So it was a no-brainer, I had to invite her to this unique session. We had a list of a variety of shots we wanted to make, and a little more time that morning. I've got to admit that she was particularly efficient that day. Again we had a little bit of help for a few shots. Injy Pina, was also there that morning and Maxime C. who was responsible for our presence in the building gave us a hand for a few shots too.

Like always, we could have done more! How can you not be inspired in such a place? It will be hard to top this one-off, but this is what makes my job exciting. This journey is just starting, can't wait for the next one.

Huge thanks to @Laciteduvin and @latitude20 for welcoming us, Thank you Maxime and Enguerran for trusting us. Huge props to our incredible performers Vanessa Feuillatte and Allegra Bird.


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