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Feat. the Broncolor Siros L

This should have been the beginning of the tour... But it was not. Bordeaux was supposed to be my first stop but for many reasons and a lack of realism, I guess I had to go there by train. The plan was simple, a mix of ballet and pole dance shoots during my 6-day stay. I had there the opportunity to test things, and actually have a sense of what it would be like to work on the road.

So we brought the minimum in gear, a 5d mark III, a laptop, a few drives, a tripod, and one strobe... and not any strobe: The new SIROS L by Broncolor.

I've worked with a few different kits for the past 2 years and the Move 1200L. and My favorite light shaper, the para 88 was one of them. I've worked with this combo for a year, and it was awesome, apart from a small detail... It is not small actually, and a bit heavy.

I managed to work with it alone but It was better with an assistant. The problem was that you quickly get used to the power of this unit and the unique look of the para. But with time, if you need to work fast and travel a lot it might not be the ideal combo.

That's when the SIROS L comes in, and this quick trip to Bordeaux was an opportunity for me to test the beast. No more cables, it comes all in one piece, so you have to keep in mind that all the weight is in the “head”. To make it small, I brought with me the Beauty box 65. A nice foldable modifier that acts as a beauty dish.

I won't go into a detailed 1st thought of the SIROS, I will just share a short selection of the work done during my 6 days in Bordeaux. Some of the pictures below were shot in Natural Light :

Once again I would like to thank the city of Bordeaux for letting me officially create in their city (Jardin Public, Jardin Botanique, Base sous-marine). I also want to thank all the people that run a place called DARWIN. It will be hard for me to describe how unique and amazing this place is, so I invite you to check them out right now: I rarely have had the possibility of having that many locations all in one place.

Will not thank enough all these amazing performers (in order of appearance) Sara Renda, Claire Teisseyre, Nicole Muratov from the ballet de Bordeaux and Pinar, Lutine, Allegra, Davann, Sylvie, and Jenny, the pole fam' from Sport dance complex.

Of course, I cannot forget the Broncolor crew for letting me test the Broncolor SIROS L in the real world. More is coming up soon as I'm taking this crazy tool and his perfect twin on the road! More coming up ahead, stay connected.


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