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Smooth camera moves

With the PROAIM Dolly

This is the first of a series ! Bare with me, it will probably evolve with time, and hopefully, later down the road, it will get better but I've decided to change the way I do my reviews. Part review, part teaser of my upcoming work, and part behind the scenes, where you will actually see why and how I use these tools. Today I will talk about the Proaim Breeza Pro Camera Dolly with Tracks, a tool I should have owned long ago.

So here it is, the Proaim Breeza Pro Camera Dolly, with tracks and a few legs depending on the height you need for your shots. It’s straightforward, nothing fancy, and amazingly built. I used it indoors, and outdoors, and so far I never felt it would fall apart or give up on me. I had a few situations recently where I needed certain types of shots and camera movements. Things I couldn’t do precisely with a gimbal, especially when I had to do multiple identical takes, and when I wanted to be super precise with my framing each time.

This happened during the filming of my short dance film with Solène Monnereau. I felt I could have used the I felt the same while filming with Jessica Fyfe. I am not saying these videos lack something, we managed to make it work with what we had at the time. The majority of the shots in these two videos were made on a tripod, and I wish I had the dolly back then for a few lateral shots and push-ins. Now that I have it it’s nice to know I have this option, to enrich my vocabulary. It's always great to have options, now I know I have a new tool to better tell my stories.

So far I have mainly used it on the ground. It is really easy to level the tracks with the bubbles and rotating feet. The tracks can give you a max of 180 cm (6 feet) and can handle up to 50 kg.

You have safety hooks to prevent your rig from tipping over, and different mounting options are available. Now I can do those precise smooth shots easily, almost anywhere with this portable Dolly system. I can add a bit more movement, and follow my performer. Push-ins and push-outs are now easy and can help you reveal something and emphasize a moment.

If you are into narrative work, or maybe dance videos like me, this can be an excellent tool for you. When I work in tight spaces I can switch from tripod shots to handheld and dolly shots in a few seconds.

The Proaim Breeza Pro Camera Dolly comes with a bag that makes it easy to carry around, please check out their website for more info or to discover their catalog of filmmaking tools.

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What about you? Tell me in the comments what tools you use for your camera movements, and if you have ever considered owning a dolly system. Get yours:


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