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The Letter [Short dance film]

A short dance film Feat. Jessica Fyfe

One of the few experimental dance shorts we filmed this year. the 2nd one out of 3 with dancer Jessica Fyfe. Shot With the Fujifilm XH2s and 3 IRIX lenses (15mm, 21mm and 30mm). Color graded in Davinci Resolve with the Dehancer Plugin, and entirely filmed inside the Château de Drudas. LOGLINE:

After receiving a devastating letter, a woman becomes trapped in a hotel and must confront her fears and anxiety through dance and music, ultimately discovering the strength to face her troubles head-on.

The letter - Featuring Jessica Fyfe

Choreography and performance by Jessica Fyfe

A film crafted by Haze Kware

1st AC Marlène Blackdough

Filmed inside the Château de Drudas

Shot with the XH2s

And IRIX Lenses


- Bring to light -

Music by

Max H.

- Violin Piano Floating I -

Music by

Primo Levi

- Violin Piano Floating II -

Music by

Primo Levi

Special thanks to:

Château de Drudas

1 comentario

Patrick Jackson
Patrick Jackson
02 sept 2023

Very nice! Excellent story telling, it easily pulls you in. I'm not a dance connoisseur so Ms. Fyfe's dance performance, in my eyes, was angelic. Her character was believable, except her walk, although I know this is normal in dance it takes me away from the character. Again, this is because I'm an uncouth viewer of dance. I love this short, if it were a trailer, I'd be sold on watching it.

Me gusta
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