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Our 1st time in Toulouse! Vlog #14

Behind the scenes Dance & Circus photoshoot

Basically our first time in Toulouse and to make it short... We loved it! This also summarizes our stay in “La Ville rose”. Only 10 days and a whole city to discover. We parked our RV outside the city and tried to visit as much as possible during our first 48 hours there.

The weather wasn't great but this is now something we are used to. We now know that this is the price to pay when you mainly work outdoors. Toulouse is known for its strong Circus community so I was hoping to get mainly circus performers for the few photoshoots I had in mind. Unfortunately, we were (again) out of luck. All the performers I reached out to were unavailable... all... except one!

Yes, the lovely Jatta Borg (hand balancer) was thrilled to join us on our project. Toulouse wasn't originally on our roadmap, so this time, we didn't have the precious help of the city for location suggestions and proper authorizations due to lack of time. But we were not alone... thanks to a bit of help from the Tourist office!

After choosing a few locations during the first 2 days and confirming our team of performers we just had to get out there and make all the pictures we could before getting arrested. Ha, ha I am just kidding, nothing dangerous this time, at least nothing that could get us in trouble.

In the end, 4 dancers from the Ballet du Capitole, 1 circus artist, just enough for our 10-day stay in Toulouse.

Jatta Borg

Lauren Kennedy

Scilla Cattafesta

Julie Loria

Little Bonus... We do not always have the time to film ourselves working. Here is the beautiful Solène Monnereau.

Solène Monnereau

Huge thanks to the Tourist Office and of course the beautiful city of Toulouse. Thanks to the amazing dancers from le ballet du Capitole de Toulouse... Lauren Kennedy, Scilla Cattafesta, and Julie Loria I admire your art and your dedication to your craft. It is such a pleasure to work with such gifted artists every time. Thank you Jatta for being the only circus performer available ha, ha! Thanks to the Basilica of St Sernin for letting us create in such a unique location!


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