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All our vlog episodes!

It took me some time to release the final episode of the vlog... But here it is now, it began with part one a few weeks back:

...and part II was just released yesterday on my youtube channel:

As if unconsciously, I didn't want it to end. Facebook recently reminded me that we left Strasbourg to hit the road exactly a year ago.

Time flies, and I still can't believe this adventure is over. Although I know this is not a goodbye, I deeply feel inside that things will never be the same.

Since we stopped traveling with the RV, we had some time to think about all the things we experienced during this amazing adventure. The people we met, the food, the cities, the pictures we made... An opportunity for us to reconnect with our friends and family.

We learned so much from others, and we rediscovered ourselves. It wasn't easy, and we couldn't have made it through without the help of amazing people.

First and foremost, our parents helped make the transition from a settled life in Strasbourg to a gypsy life on the road. Thank you, mom and dad, thank you Dominique for your precious help and support!

To all our close family, thank you for everything! Mamie Papy, Kitty, Hialy, Fabien, Chonchon, Nini et Sandy merci team Grenoble, Lyon et Montpellier ! Merci à Bapou, Lou, Romane, et Stéphanie de Bordeaux, les filles vous m'avez fait rire comme jamais ! Merci à Karine, Olivier, Alexandre, Lucas, Bastien et Johanna, pour le bol d'air frais à Gap. Rémy, Laetitia, Annaelle, et Lilwenn merci à vous pour votre bonne humeur et votre énergie.

To all our friends, Marilyne, Sandie, Martial, Meelady, Amandine, Patrick et Paul, "merci à vous team Strasbourg"... Assif et Alexia aka Assifouille et Alexouille, team Lyon you rock. A ma petite famille préférée... Merci d'être à nos côtés depuis le début ! Oui je parle de vous, Lori, Pierro, Tso tso et mon meilleur ami Azad. Marine et Romain, il aurait été difficile pour nous de passer l'été sans votre aide, merci ! From London to Capestang, who would of thought? Thank you Bridgett and Jack! Thanks for the break Emma and Neal, Paella night was awesome ;) ... Joana Silva huge thanks for your help, we really needed it, you made it easy when our world was crumbling down in Lisbon... Vanessa tu es la meilleure et tu le sais, je compte plus tes années de soutien ! Merci à la team Toulouse Muriel et Mouza, qu'aurions nous pu faire sans vous ???

Sorry for mixing french and English!

To sum it all up, we discovered that we were surrounded by amazing people.

Down below is the youtube playlist with all the episodes of our vlog!

You can also watch it directly on youtube by simply clicking here: Hk Visuals VLOG full episodes

Wonderful memories for us, a way for you guys to see what we have been through.

Hope we will be able to make a 2nd road trip someday... Who knows, maybe sooner than we think!


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