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Behind the scenes outdoor CrossFit photoshoot

We are kicking off this week with a new video. Nothing new for my YouTube subscribers or for those of you who come back regularly.

Another behind-the-scenes and kind of part II of a previous CrossFit photoshoot video uploaded last summer. Ornella Nicolosi and Kevin Rantrua are back but this time we are making this outside!

I kind of got bored of shooting fitness and CrossFit athletes indoors or at the gym. I wanted to spice it up a little and wanted to see what it would look like to shoot them outside.

I am trying my best to push things a little bit further each time but working outside has its risks. My lighting setup was supposed to be the same as the first session, as I brought with me my 2 Siros L... but unfortunately, we only got to use one.

The weather wasn't great and the light was dull and flat so I needed a little help to shape my light and shadows to add the desired definition and depth to their bodies.

Again make sure to check out the first session here, because the approach is pretty much the same minus one light.

The difficulty of course when shooting outside is the random light quality, and the wind was the reason why we were forced to work with a single strobe.

To add some fun we decided to use smoke grenades. We only made a few tries but I got to admit, I loved it! Don't be surprised if you see a complete series of images with colored smoke in the future.

Here are 3 of my favorite shots with a few specs and details.

5D Mark III + Broncolor Siros L and Beautybox 65 camera right ISO 200 - 85mm 2.2 - 1/800th

5D Mark III + Broncolor Siros L placed camera left ISO 250 - 44mm 6.3 - 1/640th

5D Mark III + Broncolor Siros L placed camera left ISO 250 - 70mm 5.6 - 1/500th

What are your thoughts? Will you make your next CrossFit photoshoot outside? Consider subscribing to the newsletter to ensure you never miss a post and or course Rendez-Vous in my next article!


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