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Looking for a quality monitor?

Consider the BENQ SW271c!

Have you noticed the change? No? I went from 2 32 inches screens to one 32" and one 27, from the BenQ PD3200u for the SW271c. The little sister, of my 321c! A sweet upgrade for me, and maybe a more affordable alternative for you for your editing and retouching needs.

32 inches might be too much for a lot of you, and after my review of the SW321c the size and price were often an obstacle for a lot of you. I get it, when working in tight spaces 27 inches is more than enough for a display. I have worked several years with a 27"screen, and a laptop.

The SW271c is delivered in a thick bulky box which is a good thing for your precious screen. Everything you need to use it straight out of the box is included. Like hte 321c it has the ​​Hotkey Puck G2, a very handy remote that helps you navigate easily through the menus and settings.

Now I work on both a 13inch Macbook pro and a desktop PC.

Connecting a Macbook pro, is really simple, plug the included usb c cable, it will charge your laptop in the process, and you now have a bigger screen you can properly calibrate and retouch on.

The sw271c is very similar to its big sister the sw321c. The BenQ AQCOLOR technology delivers “Accurate colors” so if color accuracy is important in your work this screen might be for you! The BenQ SW271C is a 27" 4K Photo & Video Editing monitor that offers a 100% sRGB , 90% P3 , 99% AdobeRGB color space coverage. It's clearly a screen aimed at professionals, but not only.

The 10-bit Color Depth gives you access to more than one billion colors, natural shading, and smooth color gradation.

I wanted a clone of my sw321c to have matching colors on both of my screens. Sometimes there can be a slight color difference between two screens, which can be annoying during color work or retouching.

Now I have color uniformity & consistency on both of them, I can create with confidence with color accuracy across my 2 displays.

I’ve said this in the past, even if you are an enthusiast or an amateur, there will quickly come a time, if you love your images, when your screen will become the most important tool in your workflow. Whether it’s for prints, you don’t want to have deceiving surprises, trust me, or to ensure that your client or anyone you made your images for, will see your images the way they should.

Of course, do not forget to calibrate your screens… I am still using the I1 display pro and the Palette Master Element (downloadable from Benq's website).

You can see that side by side (in the video) the difference in size is not that huge… and with fewer ports and connections, and roughly 300 euros cheaper, you can have an amazing screen to work on.

At a Glance here are the main features of SW271c:

Screen Size: 27 inch

Panel Type: IPS

Backlight Technology: LED backlight

Resolution (max.): 3840x2160

Brightness (typ.): 300nits


Native Contrast: 1000:1

Response Times (GtG): 5 ms

Refresh Rate: 60 Hz

Color Gamut: 100% sRGB ,90% P3 ,99% AdobeRGB



HDMI (v2.0) X 2

DisplayPort (v1.4) X 1

USB C (PowerDelivery 60W, DisplayPort Alt Mode, Data) X 1

USB Type B ( Upstream ) X 1

USB 3.1 ( Downstream ) X2

What more can I say, I loved the sw321c so the chances for me to not like this little one were very slim.

I currently retouch, edit, color grade all my stills and moving images on these two screens! Click the link down below if you wish to know more… and tell us, what screens are you currently using for your retouching and editing work? EU:

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