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Behind-the-scenes portrait photoshoot

Featuring the Freewell Prism filters

This video was very last minute. I had these with me for a while and I thought it was about time to talk about them. I didn’t want to do a separate video at first, but then thought it would be interesting to only show the portraits I’ve done with them recently. I have left out deliberately these images from their original sessions. And now here they are. Not the lens filter you will use every day, but creatively they can help you achieve whatever weird vision you have in mind.

I am going to make it short because my thoughts on these can be summarized in a few words. You will occasionally use them unless your style is based on these effects. The effects from the Freewell prism filter sets are heavy but you can imagine anything around them. A dream, a fantasy, a fairytale a nightmare, a fragmented mind I don’t know, it is up to you to make your own story.

You’ve seen Meaeva’s behind-the-scenes video a few days ago, Clara’s is only available on the blog for premium members. And Charlotte’s video, the one I was supposed to share but will come shortly. I used these filters during these sessions with mixed results. And the portraits I am going to share with you are the ones we kept in our final selection.

Split Diopter

With and without the Spli Diopter (different focal lengths)

You have a Split Diopter Filter, a Linear Prism Filter, and a Centerfield Split Diopter Filter. I found I preferred the results of these effects when used with the GF50mm lens. As usual from Freewell these filters are well made. I have multiple filters from them that I use on a regular basis, so I knew I would get something solidly built.

From left to right: Split Diopter, Center field Diopter and Linear Prism

Linear Prism

Center field Diopter

Once in place, you can rotate the filter to place the effect where you want. The versions I have are directly screwed to my lens. I have the 82mm set and adapt them to my other lenses with step-up rings.

Get yours: I may or may not talk about these again in the future… only if I find something new and interesting otherwise what’s the point. Have you ever tried them? What do you think? I love messing with my lens and whenever I can achieve an effect outside photoshop I am happy.


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