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Boudoir & portrait session

Behind the scenes video feat. the Aputure 300X

I've been playing with the Aputure LS300X for some time now... and thought it was about time to share my experience with this versatile COB bi-color led light.

I usually use them for video but we’ll talk about this later down the road. I now use them for some of my photography work solo or I mix them with other lights for some effects. I may use an additional flash with an optical snoot for some of the light shapes down below and just sneak in a bit of warmth with the LS300X:

The 300x has been around for a while and has nothing to prove now. I thought it would be interesting to have that control over color temperature, for my portrait sessions. Something you can obviously do with flashes, and gels but with longer setup times. Here, with just a remote, you can fine-tune your lights in seconds. These lights could be a time saver. I have yet to make a video comparing these 2 approaches, continuous led lights versus flashes. But to make it simple here, if you are working in a dim and controlled environment like in a studio setting, a home session, using these lights can be a great option.

For all you hybrid shooters, juggling between video and stills images, if you mainly work indoors for your photography and do portraits, this can serve you for both. The Aputure LS300X has a Bowens mount. I used them with the Lantern 90 and the Light dome 2, and they worked well for those portrait sessions. The great thing about the Aputure LS300X, is how nice and robust their lights are. I love the single Handbrake Locking Yoke with the 360° Rotation, the Smooth 0%-100% Dimming Control, and the 2700-6500K tunable White Point that could be changed with a simple dial. The CRI & TLCI scores are over 95 and they are of course compatible with the Sidus Link App & 2.4Ghz Remote! You can power the 300X with a V mount battery and use up to 50% of its power, or you can put 2 of them to use it up to 100 %. But you all know my preferred method to power these lights... I use the ECOflow DELTA. Personally, I would use them every time I have these kinds of sessions planned. You have just the power you need, and unlike strobes, you see exactly what your light does to your subject before taking your pictures. I usually use the lantern as a top light, or as a fill light. The light dome is usually my main light, and its grid gives me all the control I need. Am I considering a Full Aputure ecosystem? Maybe...

I am still thinking about it. Until I make up my mind, I have to see how these babies behave on a film set. But I guess will talk about this in another video. Have you ever considered using Bi-color lights for your photography? Tell us in the comments below.


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