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Do with what you have!

Behind the scenes Karate Photoshoot

Feat. Jessica Hugues

"Should I buy the 5d mark IV or get a used 5D Mark III with a new lens?" This is a question someone asked me recently. I usually never answer with a question but my response was: "Will Buying the latest gear out there help you make pictures better?"

In other words, is the mark IV worth the money compared to a used Mark III? I personally do not think so. Don't get me wrong, the Mark IV is a fantastic camera, but the difference with the Mark III will be barely noticed by most of us out there.

So no, your clients won't see the difference between a 4/5-year-old camera and its latest update. It all comes down to your knowledge and your experience and how you can get the most how of the tools you own. If you know your tools, it's strength, and limitations you will be able to get amazing results.

I was supposed to update my cameras when the Mark IV came out and guess what, I am still using my mark III bought 5 years ago. I even sometimes use the 6D Mark I. and no one ever complained about the quality of my work. I guess Sir Chase Jarvis was right: "The Best Camera Is The One That's With You".

I made a video a while back with 10 personal tips to improve your photography. Learning your craft has to remain a priority over gear lust. You have to stop focusing on the gear you don't have and concentrate on the knowledge and experience you lack.

This new behind-the-scenes is the only photoshoot I made in Paris a few weeks back. I rarely go to Paris and this time I was there for the Salon de la photo. It was cold, windy, the light was awful during our stay and the rain made me cancel a few shoots except one!

No Strobes this time, only my Mark III, my beaten up 24-70mm mark II L lens, and the cheap 85 mm I.8. Sometimes we just got to do with what we have!


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