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FeiyuTech Vimble 3 - 3 Axis gimbal

the best companion for your phone!?

I posted erratically on the channel, maybe you missed my boxing video? My tutorial last week and filter test? I had a really busy summer compared to 2020 and 2021, which isn’t a surprise but I was still overwhelmed by the events and overwhelmed by the work (I promise, I am not complaining!). I am currently giving the final touches to a dance video that will be released in a few days. So there should be more content as we approach September.

We filmed some BTS footage for the boxing video, and used our phones for practical reasons. For better results and to facilitate the experience we used a simple yet effective tool: The Vimble 3, a 3 axis gimbal… and I thought you might be interested in my thoughts on this useful tool:

Sometimes my 360° camera runs out of batteries, sometimes I forget it at home… and sometimes I want to create movements, shots that I just cannot make with a 360° camera. The feel and look ain’t the same and the experience is completely different.

The advantage of the 360° is that I don’t need another person to operate it. I can film my BTS videos myself, film and worry about framing later. But once my camera is set, it doesn’t move, physically my camera stays in place… I can pan with the 360° footage, digitally zoom in and out… but that's it.

The choice of using such a camera is to simplify the process for me. So when I don’t want or can’t use my 360° cam, what is the next most practical and easy tool I can use to film myself?

The camera I always have with me... My phone!

Years later, I am still doing it, it's great for direct posts on social media. Gimbals are now really common these days, they’ve been around for a while. Even your phone footage needs a bit of stabilization, it makes your videos look better. Enters the Vimble 3 by Feiyutech:

Once I received it I tested some of the options I use the most on the app.

1/ AI tracking

2/ Basic walk and run

3/ The joystick and main buttons

4/ Manual controls with the FeiyuTech App

When we filmed that boxing video, my assistant used the Vimble and her phone to film the majority of the Behind the scenes. If you are interested in seeing the full BTS, tell me in the comments.

My assistant also used it during the filming of another project with another athlete a few weeks back. A very complicated shoot as it was windy… and you can actually see how much wind we had that day when looking at the water.

The gimbal struggled a bit, the wind was very hard on the motors, but It still did a pretty good job given the extreme situation.

A quick look at the menus and features:

I love how easy it is to set it up. It takes literally seconds. It’s light, portable, I just regret it doesn’t come with a hard case. This tool unlocks new possibilities and gives you more freedom when you film with your smartphone. It smoothes out your footage, and make your videos a bit better especially when you are using an old Galaxy S9+ like me! I find it perfect for Vloggers, Youtube content, or any content made for the web. If you are into Reels or tik tok stuff (yes I am talking like an old man) you can switch to a vertical position really quickly and make your silly videos.

At around 129 euros here in France… I find this piece of tech really affordable. This can really enhance the value of your footage, without investing too much. If your content is made for the web, your phone and the Vimble will be more than enough for your content.

Learn more about the Vimble 3 on FeiyuTech's website.

I have 5 BTS videos that I can’t release for now, because I am using gear I cannot talk about. I am hoping for a late August release… fingers crossed!

To help you wait, I have a few unpublished sessions that are coming next week, and finally more content made specifically for my premium members that was created over the course of the past 6 months… I hope you are having a nice summer, take care, and until next time, have a good one!


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