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For better or for worse...

Changing my methods, was it a good idea?

One of the many reasons I still keep up with the blog. It’s to share this type of session. I decided to completely change my approach for a big part of this photoshoot. I even did the opposite of what I usually do. For the fun, challenge, lesson, and everything that might happen before, during, and after. A few weeks later I finally took the time to review the files, Choose the ones we liked with Clara, and retouch a few for the blog. I rarely do this, but I had some spare time in that apartment. We filmed a short dance film that I am still working on, and we were so efficient that I was able to squeeze in 5 different portrait sessions. The one with Charlie was posted a few days ago, so this is the 2nd one made in that big apartment. I now invite you to watch the following behind the scenes, and I will then share with you some thoughts... once you have finished watching.

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