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Inside the Villa Schutzenberger not another contortion photoshoot

Maybe some of you have noticed, I skipped last week's video.... but I have a good reason... I finally found an apartment!

I am not a vlogger, so there was no point for me in sharing my week moving in and I would not be good at making something out of nothing.

So here we are, freshly installed in Toulouse, waiting for the sun to show up, because, this is kind of the main reason we moved from the Northeast of France to the southwest... and my wife finding a job there...

I am now ready to set up new and bigger, projects, I really hope I will be able to find the right people to fulfill my vision and all these crazy ideas I have in mind. Before I say anything about what may or may not happen here, let me finish sharing some of the test photoshoots I did in the past weeks.

In my last video, you saw me play with a ballerina and circus performer somewhere in Strasbourg and during that same week, I had the pleasure to meet Emma, a French contortionist. Again we made this happen in a beautiful place, you know I am not a studio guy, and you know how much I love fancy places.

Canon France was kind enough to give me a few tools to play with... The Almighty 5D Mark IV and the 85mm f1,2L mark II and the 35mm F1,4L Mark II lenses. These 2 are amazing performers too, I will tell you more about them in a future post. Of course, I had with me 2 Broncolor SirosL ... But you already knew that.

5D mark IV - 35mm F1,4L mark II

1/200 at f3,5 ISO 100

I will shortly share my opinion on the Mark IV and a few prime lenses I usually do not use in my work. Do you guys know how I love wide-angle lenses but are your favorite tools? What do you use to make your images? Let me know!

I will be looking for volunteers to assist me on specific shoots. If you wish to learn more about how I work, this is the perfect opportunity. Join me on IG: @hkvisuals and check my stories from time to time. All these test photoshoots are done for a reason... But we'll get to this later!


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