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Lausanne & Nyons! Vlog #4

To summarize our stay in Lausanne: Rain, fog, and cold! We only stayed there a few days, just enough to set up 2 pole dance photoshoots with 4 lovely ladies. One thing I didn't mention in the video is that we got kicked out of The Rolex learning center although we had an official authorization with us. Discussions took so long we lost nearly 3 hours that morning and had to move quickly to our 2nd location. Huge thanks to the Palais Rumine for not making this day a complete disaster. Shoutouts to the Blecherette airport and the Nyon Castle for letting us make our pictures.

Still amazed by the efficiency of the Broncolor SIROS L. Adaptation, improvisation is key when shooting outdoors. With the SIROS L, I'm feeling confident on my shoots, cause I know I can face almost any type of situation. A more in-depth review in the real world will be uploaded soon. Here is this week's gallery, next stop will be in France... Lyon!


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