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Live Air 2S a wireless Follow focus you can trust?

First hands on PD movie's tiny Follow focus system

The Live Air 2S by PD MOVIE is a tiny wireless follow focus system. Probably the smallest in the world right now? I don't know, but I never had such a small controller in my hands. How does it perform is it reliable and above all, is it affordable?

I usually use simple mechanical follow focus systems for two reasons. One It's cheap to rent, and two, I am always worried that these wireless systems would fail on a job. If you want a reliable system, you have to go all in and get one of these industry standard super expensive units. So getting one for one of your small projects, is usually out of the question.

But technology has caught up, and prices keep on going down, and we’ve reached a point where maybe now an affordable solution might be worth the investment.

Here is the LIVE AIR 2S at a glance:


  • Weights 28g

  • Rotation angle 300°

  • Bluetooth 5.0

  • Battery life 10-12 hours

  • Auto calibration

  • Motor A-B point

  • A-B point cycle operation

  • Change the motor direction of rotation

  • Switch mode focus or zoom


  • Weighs 132g

  • Torque: 0.5Nm

  • Bluetooth 5.0

  • Battery life 8-10 hours

  • Auto calibration

  • Manual calibration

  • Change the motor direction of rotation

  • Switch to slider or turntable mode

It is small but it is light too. I also have the remote air rig if you want a proper handwheel on occasion. The first thing I noticed is the build quality… And I have to admit, it is really well built.

The other thing I really enjoyed is how easy you can set it up and use it right away. So far the controller and motor paired flawlessly. And the two are really responsive.

PD MOVIE states the motor are strong. "High torque motor", I am not making this up, it’s on the website. I used it on a cinema zoom lens and it worked perfectly.

Calibration is quick, if you missed it once you can do it again in no time.

This is what was in the box for me :

  • A multi function clamp

  • A universal Follow focus ring

  • 2 batteries for the motors plus everything you need to charge them

  • And 2 other rechargeable batteries for the controller

The controller can be mounted almost anywhere, which makes it easy to have a stripped down rig with a follow focus.

I have to admit that I struggled setting up the remote air rig... but it was all my fault! It's really straight forward, and if you encounter any issues, you have multiple videos from the PD MOVIE team that will explain everything you need to know about your product on their website.

At this price this tool is hard to beat. Although there are many things I love about it, there is one thing that bugs me. Because it cannot be perfect right? The one thing missing for me is the App! Because at this time, It is only available for apple users! I am using an Android phone so, I guess I am less worthy!

Still, this LIVE AIR 2S changed my mind about wireless follow focus systems, and I am ready now to fully jump onboard. I’ve used it on a few of my recent projects that are currently in the editing phase so look out for that.

So if you are looking for a first wireless, efficient, small & powerful follow focus, look no further! I said it before, If I talk about it, I use it. And if I use it then it’s probably a nice handy tool. We’ll see in the long run how it performs, and if anything happens, I will let you know.

PD MOVIE is a brand I will keep my eyes on, because if you look at their website they have many other products aimed at professionals that might spark your interest.


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