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My experience with GODOX so far

Behind the scenes dance photoshoots

Feat. the GODOX AD1200 pro

I have received fun, weird messages and comments since my 1st review of a Godox flash. Stop asking me If I am switching, I am just curious, intrigued about this brand. Some of you are happy to actually see me create my images with these flashes because they can finally relate to my approach as they can afford the same equipment. It’s been a fun ride so far, and my thoughts on the brand have changed. The AD1200pro will be at the center of this video, but I will also share my thoughts and experience with all my GODOX strobes and their impact on my work over the past months.

We all have our experiences, and the uniqueness of our journeys is what makes it fun to share them with the world. Have you had any horrible experiences with a brand? That doesn’t mean it will happen to all of us. I did a bit of research before receiving these and the main issues were related to the batteries (stopped charging or not all the way) Triggers not working properly, sometimes because of faulty batteries (some recommend not using rechargeable batteries), and the build quality, saying that even the pro series wasn’t tough enough for on location and frequent traveling.

Some of these observations and experiences were confirmed by some of you on my channel and on IG. But the majority of you had a positive experience so far, and that is also my case. I am not paid by GODOX to say that, they did send these to test but never asked for any specific content in return so I am free to say whatever I want.

So how did I work with these lately and what are my thoughts 5 months in?

All the GODOX flashes worked flawlessly together. Even with the twin Pixapro Citi1200pro.

The AD1200pro was the only light that day that didn't need to be recharged. It also never missed a shot when making a few burst shots.

We were scouting for a location a few weeks back, with Maeva, and for these test images, we were almost at full power because I wanted to dramatically reduce the ambient light.

And obviously, I used it in my tiny apartment, and it performed flawlessly!

The battery unit has kind of a retro look and although it has a certain weight it wasn't an issue for me. I worked for a long time with the Combo Para 88 and Broncolor 1200L move and loved having that amount of power with me on location. Compared to a less powerful strobe, The AD1200pro can last an entire day of the shoot without the need to recharge. With its fast recycling time, you should never skip a beat. The option to think creatively in any situation is a big plus for me. I want to choose my depth of field, my aperture, my ISO, or even add filters for creative reasons... And for me, this amount of power offers me that freedom. I can see this paired nicely with their just-announced parabolic light modifier, because of how light the head is. I am never comfortable putting monoblocs on these kinds of modifiers.

Now we all know by now how they managed to lower the cost of this unit. How can this be 5 times cheaper if not more than their direct competitors? The build quality is obviously not the same. I've said it in my review of the AD600pro and here I have the same feeling but for the head, only time will tell. You cannot plug a 2nd head, this could have been a welcome addition even if the power is split between the 2. I personally rarely used this option on the Broncolor move because you are limited to the length of your chords, remember both heads are plugged in the same unit.

There are also a few differences in the specs, but in the end, it all comes down to what you actually need. Like always. Some love to compare the spec sheets and will settle for a higher-end product when in the end they will never use their strobe at their full potential. It's the same for cameras or any accessories. If you need 1200ws of power and don't mind some of the options and specs missing compared to other pricier alternatives, then this becomes an obvious choice.

I believe again that GODOX should pursue its efforts to propose higher-end products. The AD series performs really well and at that price point is of great value... I tested my first GODOX flash a few months ago and thought I would stop using it the moment It wouldn’t serve my work. I am still using them today and had no issues so far. I will of course keep you updated on these if anything changes in the future. Am I switching? Because everybody seems to be interested in that question. No, I am just using the tools that feel right for now. This might change next year, who knows. May your holidays sparkle with joy and laughter.


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