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Content creators, have you considered the (Feiyu) Pocket 2?

I am always looking for the simplest, most compact device to capture some of my behind-the-scenes footage. My phone was my go-to choice for some time, but then I realized I needed more flexibility, a form of stabilization for some sequences, and Depending on the project, different frame rates.

Feiyu was kind enough to send me a few weeks back the Pocket II that should be out but the time this article is published. Do I really need such a device? What for? Lets find out!

Something important I have to point out, I didn’t have the most recent firmware for the majority of the images you see in the video. The firmware was updated recently, so this might have played a rôle in some of my findings.

It’s small and compact, it does fit in the pocket, has an integrated non-removable battery that you charge with a USB cable and all your footage will be recorded on a micro sd card. It is a well-built all-metal camera and weighs only 127g. It can shoot up to 60fps in Ultra HD 4K and has a battery that will let you shoot up to 3 and a half hours when fully charged.

At a glance:

  • Pocket-size

  • All-metal frosted body

  • Weighs only 127g

  • Built-in loudspeaker

  • Supports external microphone (adapter not provided)

  • Five-way joystick

  • Magnetic body, easy to pick and place

  • Ultra HD 4K at 60fps, up to 120M Max. bit rate

  • Sony1/2.3 inch CMOS,12million effective pixels

  • Three-axis mechanical gimbal

  • 3.6 hours long battery life, working with max. storage 512go

  • 1/4 inch thread hole on the bottom allows you to adapt more accessories

The 130° Ultra wide-angle isn't fired, you can choose between three different viewing modes: super wide-angle, wide-angle, and narrow-angle. It has a little touchscreen on the back that still helps you compose your shots. All the options of this device can be accessed there or if you wish to have a bigger screen there is of course a dedicated app!

One of the main features is 3 axis stabilization, which lets you capture floaty smooth images. One of the many useful features is the tracking option. Simply draw a box around the subject you want to track on the App and the gimbal should follow it as long as it doesn’t move ultra-fast.

Now in which cases would I ever use this? For me, every time pulling out my gimbal and big camera is not necessary. Every time I want to be discreet and go undercover or when I go solo and need a few quick Behind the scenes videos. I usually use a 360° camera for my BTS videos, for the convenience of framing or reframing my videos in post. So am I switching to the Pocket 2? Of course not, these are 2 completely different cameras, with 2 different purposes, I will definitely use both.

I also found another useful way to use this camera. I can use the Pocket 2, every time I go scouting for locations, every time we have to rehearse, prepare a shoot on location with a performer. If we have planned a few gimbal shots, Instead of bringing a huge setup, I can simulate my camera moves with the pocket 2 and it will be enough for me in most situations to use it as a visual reference before production starts.

The images are pretty good for a camera of this size, but you will push it quickly to its limits when shooting in low-light situations. When going slow-mo, it is also important to note that you will be losing in resolution but also in image quality.

But let's not forget the convenience of having such a small device ready to film in 4k in your pocket. For content creators, YouTubers, and vloggers, this could be the perfect camera!

Retail price at launch will be 359$! Get yours now: Feiyu Store

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