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From 2017 to 2018 – The transition

12 months is not enough, I needed one more to finally complete, retouch, all the work done in 2017. This weekend I will officially be able to say that I am stepping into 2018. One of my main goals this year is to work on projects that matter to me. Emphasizing quality over quantity, and favoring teamwork for bigger projects. This will take some time to set up so basically, 2018 will be a year of transition.

My wife and I left Antibes (French Riviera - France) this week we were spent the past 9 months and a half, and we are looking for a place, a city to settle down in. I need to work on long-term projects because I got tired of being constantly in a hurry these past years.

Last December I shared my 2017 top 9 on Instagram and like every year I am surprised by the ones you seem to prefer.

So I decided to share in this short post my top 10 based (in no particular order) on my personal preferences and their place in my body of work. The overall selection is also a little taste of what to expect this year and in 2019.

1. Karita Tikka - Halles de la Cartoucherie (Toulouse - France)

The bigger the better? Not really, but I love epic pictures... > Check out the Behind the scenes <

2. Gillian Leopold - Villa Eilenroc (Antibes - France)

So many elements, details make this shot one of my favorite. > Check out the Behind the scenes <

3. Lyria Van Moer - Palais des festivals (Cannes - France)

This picture sums up my obsession for lines, architecture, flow, reflections, and dance!

4. Liza Riabinina (Cap d'Antibes - France)

During this session, I learned how it was possible for me to give a bit more room to breathe to my models.

5. Maria Giachello & Santiago Giachello - Hôtel d'assézat (Toulouse - France)

I love dance photography, in its various forms... > Check out the Behind the scenes <

6. Alizee Agier (Cap d'Antibes - France)

Martial arts are one of my goals this year! > Check out the Behind the scenes <

7. Virginia Danh - Pavillon Joséphine ( Strasbourg - France)

This picture launched a new series that still has no name. Still growing, still testing, and exploring, we will see how far we can go this year.

8. Casey wood - Capitole de Toulouse (Toulouse - France)

The city of Toulouse a big part of my work in 2018? We'll see in a few months! > Check out the Behind the scenes <

9. Charlotte le may - Cité de l'espace (Toulouse - France)

One of my favorite photos made in Toulouse... and what a location! > Check out the Behind the scenes <

10. Karita Tikka - Halles de la cartoucherie (Toulouse - France)

Karita once again! A tiny team, for big results... > Check out the Behind the scenes <

What are your favorite pictures of the past year? Please tell me, I am curious to know... The result might be different from Instagram.

A lot of these pictures would not exist without the help of a group of amazing people! I want to thank all the volunteers that helped me out on some of these complex shots.

If you wish to be part of this adventure, make sure to follow me on IG where I often announce my upcoming projects in my stories, who knows we might be in the same city!

You can also join my newsletter to be sure not to miss any of my upcoming events.

2018 can finally start for me... I really can say much about what I have in store, but trust me it is worth the wait!

See you all very soon.


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