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Transient a short dance film

Feat. Anaëlle Mariat

This short piece was filmed back to back after "Will you be there". This time Anaëlle goes solo inside the winery. We are still at the Château la Louvière and I still have the precious help of Marlène and Tangui Trévinal who stayed an additional day to help us out. Made during COVID restrictions we worked with really tight crew which pushed us to get creative to make things work fast.

It took us almost an entire day to make it. The choreography was made without knowing the exact proportions of the location so we had to improvise a bit once there. the cinematography was rudimentary due to the lack of time and size of our crew. So with that in mind I am quite happy with the end result.

I did a basic storyboard for this one, and had few key moments written down. This was crucial for Anaëlle and helped greatly for the choreography.

Filmed with the GFX100s in a dim environment we were at the limits of what the camera can handle in low light. Plus we filmed everything internally, and we all know the Fujifilm GFX100s only records in 10bits 4:2:0.

I haven't tried filming in Prores RAW with an external recorder yet. But I already know I am not a fan of the concept. I prefer video cameras than can provide me the all the flavours I need internally. At least 10bits 4:2:2 in 60p please! I am glad a lot of manufacturers are now including this by default, and are proposing RAW or compressed RAW options to their cameras.

I still haven't found the perfect Hybrid camera for me that would satisfy me a 100% in video and small video project. We'll see what 2022 has in store for us or maybe 2023? In the meantime, here is down below the final result, It is also on Instagram

I would love to go back to the Château la Louvière as I feel there is so much we can still do there.


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