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Urban Fitness Photoshoot

Feat. Clara P. & The Viltrox 56mm f1.4

If you wish to see more images made with the Vitrox 56mm lens, check out my previous post! Viltrox is doing an excellent job these days, and this 56mm is no exception, especially if you look at its price… But how do they do it? To have such a cheap, compact, and lightweight 56mm lens you have to make a few compromises. The VILTROX 56MM F/1.7 AF FUJI XF isn’t labeled as a PRO lens and there is a reason for that.  

It is not weather-sealed and doesn’t have that tough rugged feel the 75mm has, but it still feels solid. Still, I can see myself using it for professional shoots. During my first session with the lens, I used it alongside the X-H2s and the 75mm and 16 - 55mm lenses. 

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