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1st accident on the road! Vlog #10

This maybe was our first step into the reality of living on the road. I wanted to do this beach photoshoot for a long time. It wasn't easy for us to find the right location in Toulon to catch the sunrise with a 2 strobes Boroncolor Siros L setup. An early bird shoot with Gymnast Candice Dupont, that was supposed to be epic...

It had to happen someday, we never had any incident during the 3 years of development of this project. That morning, one of the Strobe fell headfirst with the Beautybox 65 modifier on it! A horrible scene that still gives chills and nightmares. My assistant made sure the first flash was securely fixed and stationery in the sand. The 2nd one was unattended for a few seconds and that's all it needed to be knocked out by the wind and hit the wet sand.

The Beautybox is now literally unusable, and a bit of wet sand touched the battery. It took a few seconds for it to catch fire and burn into flames! Yes, we all know that batteries and water aren't a great combo, we had the demonstration.

We decided to stay professional and continue the shoot with only one Strobe... But to be honest, I wasn't really into it.

Although I dig some of the shots we made, gave the best I could, and Candice did a fantastic job, I hope we will have the opportunity to work in better conditions next time.

We tested the flash afterward in Marseille, and it seemed fine. We even actually used it several times on other shoots... Unfortunately, (seems like luck is really not on our side) it randomly stopped working recently and we are now exclusively working with one light for the rest of our tour.

Shit happens, but the show must go on, next stop is Marseille!


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