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1st stop, Stuttgart! Vlog #2

In 4 days we will be celebrating our 100th day on the road ! More than 3 months now that we are exploring France and Europe on this first tour. I don't really like the word “tour” because it does not describe accurately the project. To summarize, we left our past lives behind to start a brand new adventure... live on the road!

I say we because I couldn't leave my wife behind. She decided to follow me on this crazy journey. It all started May 1st when we officially left our apartment in Strasbourg and sold most of our belongings.

Marlène took a sabbatical (just in case) and left X-rays and MRIs for a DSLR... In a way, not a dramatic change, she's still making images! From now on, we will post 60 seconds Behind The Scenes videos of some of our shoots on our Instagram:

For those who don't have Instagram, a full-length video will be uploaded on my youtube channel as well. Stuttgart was our very first stop, and we met a dancer who is not new to the series “InMotion”: Miriam Kacerova. Principal at the Stuttgart Ballet, she was this time accompanied by Robert Robinson, another dancer from the company.

It's always a pleasure to work with Miriam. For those who haven't known my work for long, here are our first pictures together made inside the Stadtbibliothek: Behind the scenes, Stadtbibliothek photoshoot

This time, we worked at the Europaviertel (not far from the Stadtbibliothek). I wanted to try a few pictures before sunset. We worked with a single Siros L (800w) strobe equipped with the Beautybox 65. At the time, I already had a little experience with the tool as I had the privilege to work with the Siros L for a few weeks before the official start of this road trip. In this 2 part article, you can see some of my early works made in Bordeaux a few weeks ago: 1/ Bordeaux (part 1) 2/ Bordeaux (part2)

I really love the simplicity of the tool. The 800 watts are just enough power for daytime outdoor shoots and adapt well in any other application.

I will test the Broncolor app shortly and give my first impressions on the twin strobes that I have after 2 months of use on the road. Is the Siros L the perfect companion for on-location shooters like me? Wait and see.

As I'm writing, I and my partner are exploring the south of France. The next blog posts will be on our trip to Switzerland. We stay connected!


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