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A new chapter!

It took me a long time to reprise my blog this year. Since January and my experience at the festival of "le cirque de demain", a lot of things happened but I just couldn't find the time to update my blog. We can easily be caught in things and realize that a few months have passed. Things have been stagnating earlier this year in my career and I needed to go somewhere else. I needed more time to learn and test things, more space to grow, and seek inspiration. I reached a point where fun wasn't part of the process anymore and this is just the opposite of where my photography needs to be. I guess It was time for me to leave. Literally, moving on, away from where it started to let myself expand and grow as an artist.

Things happened really fast, as I am writing, the adventure has already started. It's been a week already on the road. I left friends and family, I left my hometown to discover new horizons. My partner and I, Marlène bought a camping car, sold most of our belongings, and hit the road. Things were not easy and still are not. We postponed our departure a few times, and the goodbyes to our past life were hard to swallow. Still, we both felt that it was the right thing to do. With our heads full of projects and ideas, we are now trying to live the life we want and working on a journey where we will let nothing hold us down.

Personally, I will continue the projects that I started in Strasbourg. One of them is the series “InMotion” and others which I'm eager to start and to share with you. In order to make it realistic, we decided to only travel Europe for now. We will regularly, as long as we have a decent internet connexion and a bit of power, share our daily life. I will continue to share “behind the scenes“ videos and info on how I work and make my pictures. A vlog is on the way too but will be up on a different channel as it will include lots of non-photography-related stuff.

As it is a bit early to share my thoughts on this trip and as I had a couple of photoshoots before the official departure, I will first share (finally) these pictures before revealing what were up to during the next 9 months. So let's go back in February, where we managed to have in, the same place, 4 dancers from the "Opera National du Rhin" and a circus artist. It all happened at the KM0, an old factory in Mulhouse.

All these pictures were shot with the available light. We had a smoke machine to play with and a lot of space to get crazy. A fun session that wasn't easy for the dancers as it was freezing cold inside. But again they knew how to make it look easy, and we ended up with a handful of original pictures.

I would like to thank Mr Olivier Zeller for welcoming us to this amazing place and also all our talents who accepted to work in these conditions.


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