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Your best so far, 2014 a year in review !

This is it! My last post of the year. I've only started this blog a few weeks ago, and things are doing great so far. 2014 was a rich year for HK Visuals. I have met so many great artists, and for a start, it has gone way beyond my expectations. When I decided to start shooting dancers and performers in late 2013 I just couldn't imagine how far this would take me in a year. I thought at first that I would only shoot dancers from time to time, but look at my work today, dance photography has taken a special place in my body of work.

I've been allergic to social media until recently. I guess that today you don't really have many options if you want to show your work. So I had to use today's tools and share my pictures. Facebook, Instagram, twitter, and photo sharing websites like 500px and Flickr. They were a pain in the a** to use for me at the beginning, but I managed to organize myself in order to share my work efficiently on all different platforms. I only started a few months ago, and in this short period of time, I managed to get some of my pictures noticed.

From the honorable mention for the 500px anniversary contest to articles on blogs like Ufunk, Whudat, and interviews by the Club des ambassadeurs, oh happy world, and The gallery art magazine, the year ended nicely for me. I cannot deny that the time spent on communication paid off. Projects are coming and I'm eager to start 2015.

Throughout the year there is one thing that struck me often. Usually, the pictures I liked were not the most popular ones according to the people that follow me on the web. To celebrate the end of this fantastic year let's go through a selection of pictures made by yours truly based on your reactions and feedback across all social media platforms and photo sharing websites. I added a few words to the back story and my feelings about them. Let's travel back in time.

1/ Marlo Fisken

Phlearn inspiration weekend CXXIII and photo of the day on stoppers (11.22.2014)

I totally understand why people love this picture so much, but It is not my favorite picture of the session I made With Marlo Fisken. Spotted on Phlearn and Fstoppers, it is one of my most popular pictures on Instagram (in black& white) and 500px. I had the chance to organize this shoot before her Pole dance workshop in Strasbourg and much of the pictures that were made with her were improvised on location. Personally, I prefer this photo of the series that was also chosen for the inspiration weekend CXXVI on Phlearn a few weeks later :

2/Alizée Sicre

Editor's choice (11.20.2014) on 500px chosen by photographer Emily Soto

I'm really happy that this one got picked by Emily. I'm a fan of her work, and I truly respect her young carrier. If you don't know this talented photographer, I advise you to go and give a look at her fantastic work ( ). When I got the news I was thrilled as this is one of my favorite pic of the photoshoot done with Alizée in Paris. I enjoyed this photoshoot session very much, as Alizée is an easy and fun person to work with. It all happened in Parc de Bercy on a cold autumnal afternoon. We were supposed to work on 2 different outfits, but time and weather didn't give us the opportunity to do so. But guess what, her first dress was my favorite anyways.

3/ Juliet Doherty

Photo of the day on Fstoppers (12.12.2014) and Dance Spirit