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How we filmed "The Boxer"

Behind the scenes feat. Anissa Benyoub

The Mavo edge 6k is a fun and capable cinema camera. I believe it shines when used with at least a first AC. You can definitely use it solo like I did for this short portrait video. But I don't think it is the best choice if this is how you mainly work. It’s the Versatile nature of this camera that makes it interesting, as it can be used also on larger, bigger projects.

Let’s see how I used it during this portrait of French boxer Anissa.

French Champion Anissa is the first female boxer I photographed, and now the first I filmed. It has been a while since I’ve worked with athletes, and I hope this will change in the near future. For the majority of the making of this film I operated the Mavo edge 6K alone. The only part that wasn't shot with the camera is the sequence inside the ring with the 2 trainers. Figuring out a schedule that fit everyone was tough (like always) and when we finally settled on a date, the camera was already sent back to its owners… I do not own the MAVO. Thanks Kinefinity Europe for the loan!

We didn't go for a realistic look, it is not a documentary. That’s why we went heavy with the smoke… maybe a bit too much when I think about it. We also cheated a bit with the light but still tried to keep the natural direction of the light coming from the windows.

We used the GODOX TL 120 led lights on this one, as they were easy and fast to set up. And for the shadow boxing on the ring I added a spotlight with the Aputure 300X camera left. The spotlight gave me that extra reach to be able to place the light out of frame.

Outdoors, it was a no brainer, we worked with only natural light.

For the final scene on the ring I had to use the NANlite Forza 500 and the Lantern 90 with its skirt. The power helped us knock down the ambient light and get the look we wanted. We only had 15 minutes to shoot this sequence with the athlete and both trainers.

It was a really fun ride, given the time and resources we had, I am quite pleased with the end result. But the goal here for me was to learn a bit more about the tools I need for the type of short films and videos I want to create.

If you missed my initial thoughts on the Mavo edge 6k, click here: My experience with the MAVO edge 6k. If you missed, down below is the final video!

The Boxer

Athlete: Anissa Benyoub

Trainers: Adama Diarra et Richard Awoonor

A film crafted by Haze Kware ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣

1st AC: Marlène Blackdough

Music: Everyone has a breaking point by Kooma

Filmed at

Boxing Toulouse bagatelle - Gymnase de la faourette

Special thanks to la mairie de la ville de Toulouse

Part of the series of videos filmed with the Kinefinity Mavo edge 6K


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