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Back in Bordeaux! Vlog #16 (part2)

Behind The Scenes photoshoot

If you didn't read ( and watch!) part 1, check it out right now. We couldn't go to Bordeaux and not meet Claire again. I often work with ballet dancers so it would have been weird for me to not set up at least one ballerina session. Claire wasn't the only one. We had enough time and were lucky to work with Vanessa Feuillatte who was available during our stay. I still feel we have so many things to do in this city, so I hope to be able to organize another trip there this year. We were not over with the Darwin Eco-système yet. A few months back, we were supposed to make our very first BMX flat photoshoot there, but we failed to meet with Maxime the first time. Fortunately for us, we made it this time...

Disclaimer! Some of the images down below were modified since the original post.

Vanessa Feuillatte (Bordeaux - France)

Claire Teisseyre

We are still exploring new grounds... Our BMX flat experience started in Lyon, and we really hope to take it a step further...

Gotta thank Vanessa, Claire, and Maxime for sharing their craft with us... The next stop will be Madrid!


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