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Photographing 14 artists in 9 iconic locations in Toulouse

Behind the scenes video

I am back on Youtube, awful web connexion here... 14 artists, 9 iconic locations in Toulouse... Go behind the scenes with me on these incredible 10 days of work.

⇨Tell me what you think, what type of content do you wish to see in my future videos? Let me know in the comments!

De retour sur Youtube, j'ai malheureusement une connexion internet horrible ici. 14 artistes, 9 lieux incontournables à Toulouse. Suivez moi sur ces 10 jours de folie.

⇨Que souhaitez-vous voir dans mes prochaines vidéos? Full Stories and galleries on my blog:

Thanks again Toulouse Convention Bureau, thanks to all these amazing locations... And a huge shoutout to the amazing performers that joined me on this project!


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