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Ballet Photography, your best so far (part 2)

Welcome to part II! If you haven't read part I please do :

And we are continuing with the 2nd part of your top 10...

6/ Miriam Kacerova - Stuttgart (Germany 2015)

Miriam is in the top 5 in a duet photo with Roman. I did a few solo shots during that same morning and you guys seemed to like the only one I shared.

7/ Lyria Van Moer down - Institut du monde arabe à Paris (France 2015)

I waited a few weeks to be granted access to the Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris. Although we had limited access, we gave our best during this full day of the shoot. Yes, a full day because I didn't only shoot Lyria there but Bgirl Valentine also joined me that day. The result is 2 pictures that end up in the Top Ten. You can check out the full galleries here: ???

8/ Lyria Van Moer - Institut du monde arabe à Paris (France 2015)

9/ Bridgett Zehr - London (Uk 2015)

If you read part 1, you know that she is your favorite ballerina pic so far. I wrote a full blog post on my trip to London a few weeks ago. You will find the full gallery there: The london exepreience. Exclusively for my blog here is a shot I never shared anywhere else from the same session :

10/ Alizée Sicre - Parc de Bercy à Paris (France 2014)

We've reached the end of our list! I'm happy that Alizée made it in your top ten as it is also one of my favorite pictures. It's been a year now, I went to Paris a few times this year but I never got to meet her on another project. Maybe in 2016? As I only shared her pictures on social media here are the most popular ones that we did together :

So what do you think? What are your favorites? If you follow me on Facebook and Instagram, do you think there are other pictures that should have made the list? I love this top ten, still thankful and honored to have worked with these amazing artists.

Check out the last part where I share pictures that I love but didn't make this top ten list!


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