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Ballet Photography – Your best so far (part 1)

It has been almost 2 years now that the "InMotion" series was launched... So many things have changed in so little time, I can't wait to see where all this is going to lead me in the months coming.

Although I started working with a wider variety of artists recently, I still come back towards dancers after a while. I explored the circus realm this year, had my first experience with crossfitters and fitness athletes, and also met a few pole dance performers on my way. Although I loved trying new things and exploring new grounds, I always returned to dancers and, particularly, to ballet photography.

This wasn't part of a plan. From the very beginning of this project, I met more ballerinas than any other type of dancer. I never wanted to be categorized as a ballet photographer and still don't. Things unfolded naturally and I didn't want to go against it. So, I followed this path that led me to where I am today.

Fascinated by the commitment and hard work of these athletes (yes I used the word athlete) I quickly became addicted to playing with forms and lines in an attempt to create, with these artists, beautiful and striking images. I was influenced by a few dance photographers and, if I had to name three of them, I would choose with no hesitation Dane Shitagi, Lois Greenfield, and Luis Pons. If you know these photographers you will see how their respective styles differ. I have a personal vision of dance, I've been building my style for almost 2 years now.

I never really took the time to look back on my work this year, and since Ballet represents a big chunk of my work, I decided to share a top ten of my ballerina pictures so far.

So how am I going to proceed with this list? Nothing complicated. I'm going to simply take into account your likes on Facebook and Instagram. So, basically, these should be the pictures you favored to this day. For those of you who just discovered my pictures, you might see some photos for the first time. For the others, it will be a nice way, to sum up, 2 years of work with ballet dancers.

In addition to this list, I will share a few unpublished pictures from these sessions. I will also share my personal list because it happens that we do not share the same point of view.

1/ Bridgett Zehr - London (UK 2015)

The most popular ballerina pic so far on my Facebook! You should definitely check out the blog post dedicated to my trip to London with the full gallery of our 2 part photoshoot. As a bonus, here are 2 unpublished pictures.

2/ Miriam Kacerova & Roman Novitzky - Stuttgart (Germany 2015)

I'm still struggling these days trying to find dancers who would like to pursue this duet series. Miriam Kacerova is one of the dancers with whom I loved to work with. When I knew that I was going back to Stuttgart for a weekend, I just couldn't go there without meeting her again. Roman Joined us this time and we shot together with one of the most popular pictures that I've shared on Instagram and Facebook. We made several photos that morning, here are 3 exclusive ones only available on my website.

3/ Juliet Doherty - New York (USA 2014)

Juliet Doherty (New York) – It is just impossible for me not to talk about the photoshoot I made with Juliet. I'm not surprised to see her in the top 3. It felt easy from beginning to end, she was professional and efficient. I didn't have to say much, she understood me right away. And the result is just fantastic. I like every single picture that we made together, and If I have the opportunity, I would definitely shoot with her again. These pictures were all shared on Instagram and Facebook but never on my website:

4/ Adriana Lizardi - London (UK 2015) I met great artists in London and undoubtedly, Adriana was one of them! She's also part of the blog post that I made a few weeks ago alongside Bridgett Zehr. Be sure to check this out! (THE LONDON EXPERIENCE)

5/ Juliet Doherty - New York (US 2015) I said everything about Juliet! The fact that she has 2 pictures in the top 5 says it all!


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