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A ballet photoshoot In Antibes

My 1st ballerina photo shoot on the French Riviera feat. Maëva Cotton

I am Antibes... or at least, I am leaving there. A beautiful small city in the south of France I am learning to enjoy. It is basically my first time on the french riviera, and life is quite different from what I've experienced so far. I was used to Strasbourg, its grumpy people, the overcrowded Christmas market, its wine, and gastronomy. In a way, I miss my hometown, cause it's a whole other story here. People are different, they hate strangers, they only wear sweaters in winter (at least that"s what I've heard) and life seems "easy" here judging by the number of yachts, villas, and expensive cars... I am joking of course (partially), it's a totally different world here indeed but even though it will take me some time to get used to it I have had a pretty positive experience so far.

Starting from scratch is never easy, I still travel from time to time for different projects, but I still have to get a few contracts locally. I was supposed to leave in October, my departure is pushed to early February, guess this leaves me time to get my name out in the southeast. My friends warned me about the people in the south, of how mean and odd they were...

Well, Maëva Cotton proves them wrong. A lovely person and a talented dancer working actually at the Ballet de Nice. Down below are the result of our first meeting... yes there might be a 2nd Rendez-Vous!


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