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A Ballerina at the Museum of art & History

Behind the images created with Monica Ramirez De Leon

This is the first "Behind the image"! I will share from time to time some info on the way I work. Why? Simply because I've read on the web that I was "cheating", capturing my models in studio and then adding a background in post-production... Well those who have worked with me know that this is completely untrue. Down below, are 2 images I created with the talented Monica Ramirez de Leon in the Museum of art and history of St Denis last January.

Dancer: Monica Lighting gear: Broncolor Move 1200L, 60 x 100 broncolor softbox Camera 5D mark III + 24-70mm 2.8 mark II Shot at ISO 100 / F2,8 / 1/200

Dancer: Monica Lighting gear: Broncolor Move 1200L, 60 x 100 broncolor softbox Camera 5D Mark III + 50mm 1.4 Shot at ISO 100 / F3,2 / 1/200

Here is a basic diagram to show you what I've done :

There is nothing complicated! You can have fairly the same results with 1 or 2 bare Speedlites or if you desire you can add a softbox or a reflective umbrella. For this photoshoot, I had with me a broncolor move 1200L and a 60 x 100 broncolor softbox. I just placed the softbox behind the left column. It was a cloudy day, and I needed a little something to help me have the dancer stand out from the building. When I work with my canon Speedlites I use Hypersync which lets me use a fast shutter speed to freeze the action. To have the same effect with my broncolor kit I had to set the flash output to "minimum". This is how I managed to keep my shutter at 1/200 without having any motion blur.

For those who missed them here are all the pictures from this session with dancer Monica Ramirez De Leon.

Big thanks to the museum of art & history of St Denis. And a huge thanks to the people from Broncolor in Paris.

Feel free to leave me a comment or to ask me questions. See you guys soon for more!


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