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Creative filters for portraits!

K&F Concept Black pro mist filters

Black pro mist filters? It can really change the mood of an image.

Screen capture from the video

I’ve seen a lot of videos about their use for filmmaking, so here we will concentrate on their use in photography. There will be several articles on the subject, this will be my introduction.

Videographers and indie filmmakers love them, and they became a trend the past years. So many creators are on this quest of achieving that filmic or cinematic look. I hate that word, because I don't really understand what people mean when they use it. The main advantage of such filters is to take a bit of the "edge off", it softens the image slightly (depending on the strength of the filter) and your images will look and feel less digital.

If we go back to that intro (or screen capture above) and look closely at certain parts of the image we can see what it does and how it affects the image.

This can also be applied to photography, giving you more options, more tools in your creative toolbox. Of course, when and how to use them is something subjective. There is no right or wrong way to incorporate these filters in your work.

These black pro mist filters are from K&F. I also use their CPL and VND filters, so it was obvious for me that I would try there Blackpro mist filters first. 3 filters, 3 strengths, ⅛, ¼, ½, from light to strong, these 3 filters can sometimes dramatically change the mood of a photo.

Charline Poncin (Toulouse)

Without any filter

Charline Poncin (Toulouse)

Black pro mist filter 1/8

2 of the main characteristics of these filters is how they reduce contrast and add a bit of glow and halation to any light sources that enter your scene. If you are making portraits and using a high megapixel camera like the gfx100s it also softens your image a bit which can be useful for portraits if you don't want all these imperfections in the skin to stand out.

Clémence T. (Toulouse)

Black pro mist 1/4 left - Black pro mist 1/2 right

I sometimes use them for that dreamy look, but you have to be careful, because that washed out look can be a bit too much at times. It is also a little bit similar to some of the images I make with residual smoke. When you still have a bit of smoke in the room, it reduces the contrast of your image.

The effect is of course much more visible with backlit images.

Clara P. (Toulouse)

1st image without any filter - 2nd image with black pro mist 1/2

Cassandra Sampieri (Toulouse)

Black pro mist 1/4

These were the results of my first tests with the filters. I will most certainly make a 2nd video and push things a little further. If you want to grab one of these for your own creations, please consider clicking on the following link, and use my code to get 10% off!

It's all there:

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