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BMX flat photoshoot in Lyon! Vlog #5

This is kind of a way for me to get out of a creative slump...Explore new styles, new genres of photography. Most of the people that follow me are sticking around only for my dance photography. Although I still love working with ballerinas and contemporary dancers, I often feel I need to explore and try other things to avoid boredom. The opportunity to do so was given to me a few months mack during our stay in Lyon (France). Not one, but two BMX photoshoots! I hope this won't be the first and last time for me as I enjoyed working with these 2 athletes. I would love to experiment with a few other things with other extreme sports in a near future. The next stop will be in Torino (Italy)! Can't wait to share the beautiful photos we made there.

Kevin Jacob

Kevin Meyer


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