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Bordeaux the pole sessions ! (part 1)

Back home from my 2nd trip to Bordeaux (check out the first), I came with a lot of pictures. I won't be able to show them all but, I will show you a selection of what I feel are the best and most representative of the work I'm building now.

This first part will be dedicated to 4 Pole dance performers I had the pleasure to work in a unique location in Bordeaux: Darwin.

For this particular shoot, that had to be done in less than a day, I brought a Siros L 800 and a beauty box 65 light modifier with me. This one wasn't easy as we had a lot of setups to make like assembling the pole, hanging the silk, etc... This was also the first time I had 4 performers for a single session!

The location really helped me make this possible. The place is huge and offers a variety of scenes and moods, all in one place. This helped us save a lot of time. I was assisted for this one by my all-time partner Marlène. Her presence also allowed me to work a bit faster than usual. I was able to move the Siros L and make light tests and adjustments really quickly.

Since it was my real first experience with the Siros L, I made the decision to work with only one Strobe to make things easy. I regretted this a little bit this decision because the use of this tool was not really a no-brainer.

800W was just enough power to work outside and compete against the sun. I had to balance my shot and make my performers stand out on the first ones we made outside:

Nothing crazy here (The picture above features Allegra Bird and below Injy Pina), the Flash was positioned camera left at a 90 degrees angle.

It rained a few days before our shoot so we had a few puddles left that didn't dry out.

We wanted a completely different mood for the rest of our shoot so we went from the colorful graffitis to a refurbished factory. We made a couple of pictures without the pole and played a little bit with the light.

Instead of, systematically lighting the subject from the front, we lighted our talent from the back or from the side to make a split (The picture below features Lutine).

Sometimes, I didn't have the possibility to use the Bronco, so we made a few shots with the available light (The picture below features Allegra Bird).