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Boudoir & Glamour photoshoot [Part II]

Challenge yourself

If you haven't read or watched part 1, I invite you to pursue it because there is no specific order.

A brand new location, new model, but still in the boudoir, glamour, lingerie theme! Practice makes it perfect, although don't be fooled, you'll never reach perfection. But I can guarantee you, you will get better at what you do. So expect more of this on Instagram and in the Blog, and hopefully, we will slowly spice it up with a little more creativity each time.

I've done a few of these the past weeks so I am getting a little more comfortable with the theme every time I shoot. I am still using for some pictures a little bit of flash for fill and backlight. But the sun remains my main light.

Fujifilm GFX 50s GF32-64mmF4 R LM WR 1/800sec at f/4.0 ISO 100 - 64mm

We made a few bedroom shots and then we took the rest of the session outside. Now here are a few basic tips if you are planning on doing a Boudoir shoot soon that might help you if you are a complete beginner.

1/ First the obvious, respect your model, make them comfortable because you are responsible for the mood on set. Put some music, nothing too heavy, nothing too loud, something relaxed that will lighten the mood.

Fujifilm GFX 50s GF32-64mmF4 R LM WR 1/640sec at f/4.0 ISO 100 - 50mm

2/ Never touch your model! Really keep your distance, it has to stay professional. Even if you are doing a TFP (Time for prints/ photos). If there is something wrong with their outfit, their hair, or anything else, tell them and they'll handle the problem themselves.

Fujifilm GFX 50s GF32-64mmF4 R LM WR 1/1000sec at f/4.0 ISO 100 - 64mm

3/ Communicate and don't leave your model clueless about what's going on. Exchange and share ideas and keep your team (if any) and the model informed of what's to come. I've seen so many silent photographers leaving everybody waiting without giving any reason. People will think you don't know what you are doing and this breaks the flow and energy of your session.

Fujifilm GFX 50s GF32-64mmF4 R LM WR 1/640sec at f/4.0 ISO 100 - 64mm

4/ Choose your words wisely when you guide your models... No “ass”, or “butt”, prefer the term Glutes for example. Please don't be creepy and please avoid things like: “make love to the camera” “seduce me” or anything like that. This is just weird and inappropriate!

Fujifilm GFX 50s GF 110mm F2 R WR 1/2500sec at f/2.0 ISO 100 - 110mm

5/ In addition to N°4, If you want a specific pose simply show them! Take the pose, move your head, shoulders, arms, and legs if needed and watch your model mimic your moves.

Fujifilm GFX 50s GF 110mm F2 R WR 1/1600sec at f/2.0 ISO 100 - 110mm

Fujifilm GFX 50s GF 110mm F2 R WR 1/1250sec at f/2.0 ISO 100 - 110mm

You can take your time on a photoshoot like this the human aspect is very important if you wish to make your photo shoot a success.

Are you an experienced Boudoir, Glamour photographer? Share your tips with us in the comments below, we would love to learn from you!


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