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Torino Ballet photoshoot! Vlog #6

Scouting for new locations is still a nightmare for me. I've discussed this already in a previous article posted a year ago: Scouting for indoor locations.

The problem remains, and still holds me back because it's an important element in my creating process. 4 months on the road traveling through Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and France and the problem is the same in each city I've visited so far.

In Torino, only a few responded to my emails... and unfortunately, we ended up doing our photoshoot outside... again! We had luck with the weather this time so I won't complain. But I really hope we will have better opportunities next time.

We met 4 wonderful artists, Julia, Elena, Axier, and Marco from the Balletto Teatro Di Torino. Working with contemporary dancers, was a bit new for us and me in particular. It took me a few minutes to get into the vibe, flow, and energy of the moment and improvise a bit more than usual.

We were not disappointed by our first trip to Italy. We definitely are thinking about coming back there next year!


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