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Color grade with gradients, boost details and enhance your photos in Photoshop!

I've been asked for a video like this for a while and finally decided to make it. What I feared at the time became a reality. Showing my workflow and my editing process would end up in a lengthy video of me talking and trying to explain multiple things at once. It is not easy to concentrate on one specific thing when talking about photoshop. That's why from the very beginning I chose to avoid the "retouching" part of the process and make a video only about "color grading". And I almost succeeded! So beware, before you dive into this, you've got to make sure you have at least some basic knowledge about photoshop, how it works and what it can potentially do.

Here is the image we will be working on in this tutorial, A lovely shot of Evie Ball captured inside the bathtub of the St Exupery Suite inside the Grand Balcon Hôtel in Toulouse:

This image was captured with a 5D Mark III and the 24-70mm F2.8L II Lens.

1/200 f5.6 ISO100 at 35mm Broncolor Siros L 800ws camera right (Beautybox 65 with grid)

Before & After:

Down below are a few links to consider before watching this video.

Gradient maps by Phlearn:


Master curves by piximperfect:

Blend modes:

Now that you are warned, ready and prepared, you can easily watch the video and follow along and learn one of the many techniques I use to color grade my images, boost my images and enhance details!


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