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Dance photoshoot at the Marché de Lerme (Bordeaux)

Behind the scenes feat. Marina Kudryashova

Since I haven't found the right formula yet on YouTube, I've decided to not overthink it and do whatever feels right for me. So let's make it simple, I will post short behind-the-scenes videos of some of my photoshoots from time to time. I will then make a separate video where I break down a specific technique and tell you how I came up with it or where I learned it and where, why, and how I apply it in my own work. I will add in the mix short videos showing you how I edit my pictures, and a few videos with me just rambling on random photography topics... just kidding... for the last part I'll try to make them short too.

We will try this in no particular order from now on for this entire year. We'll see then if it works for me and if you guys tag along.

This video is part of the sessions I had at the end of last year, testing the Canon EOS R.

It took me some time to release it because I had a busy schedule lately (sorry I have to pay rent!). Better late than never, so here is one of my favorite session of the past year, where the Canon EOSR's flip-out screen was really a plus!

Mixing Architecture and dance photography is part of my numerous guilty pleasures. In this wide space, I had to find a way to showcase both the dancer and the location.

We started with the most complex shots because I thought we would only have time to make these 2:

Marina Kudryashova, Marché de Lerme - Bordeaux (France) Canon EOSR - EF 16-35mm f2.8L II 1/200s ISO160 f4 at 16mm

By the way, I asked you guys on Instagram, which of the 2 pictures you preferred... and the answer remains unclear:

I usually try to make the entire photo in one shot, but here I decided to shoot each element separately! I am still learning the process, and I am getting closer to the type of results I wish to have each time.

Marina Kudryashova, Marché de Lerme - Bordeaux (France) Canon EOSR - RF 24-105mm f4L 1/200s ISO160 f4 at 24mm

The type of image I never share on Instagram or Facebook... simply because the subject is too small. These images are the first ones I consider for my exhibitions because they look better on large prints!

Marina Kudryashova, Marché de Lerme - Bordeaux (France) Canon EOSR - EF 24-105mm f4L 1/200s ISO160 f4,5 at 24mm

Lighter fabrics are always easier to manipulate, especially indoors. The fabric flies and flows beautifully, and you can concentrate more on the pose. The effect is different so it's a matter of taste. I still use both!

Marina Kudryashova, Marché de Lerme - Bordeaux (France) Canon EOSR - EF 24-105mm f4L 1/200s ISO160 f4,5 at 50mm

The last shots were bonus images we decided to quickly make at the end of the session. I liked that sports/ fitness outfit. I never considered doing a sports and ballet type of session and these images convinced me to at least program a future session on that theme.

So what do you guys think? I will dive deeper into the making of the first 2 shots and the techniques I used. Feel free to ask me any questions about this particular session!

Huge thanks to my team, Mrs. Marlène, and Sir Damien Rembert who now master the fabric tossing game. Shoutouts to the city of Bordeaux, for allowing me to create once again in a beautiful location.


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