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Dance photoshoot behind the scenes

Feat. Jessica Dandine at the Château la tour Carnet

I have been sharing a lot of dance photoshoots behind the scenes lately, so I might slow down a bit. I’ve worked on several different projects in the past weeks so I will concentrate on these, just to show that I don’t always photograph dancers. This is the First photoshoot session we made at the Château la tour carnet. A different vibe there compared to the previous castle I worked in.

Dance photoshoot behind the scenes (Feat. Axelle Chagneau) Dance photoshoot behind the scenes (feat. Anaëlle Mariat) Fine art Portraits Behind the scenes photoshoot (feat. Loïs Bret) Dance photoshoot behind the scenes at Château la Louvière! Feat. Marina & Oleg

Some of these images were the intro of my Fujifilm video and here you finally have the entire selection of this session. Jessica and I have worked together in the past, so things were easy to set up. But before we dive into this, I am going to answer a question I’ve been asked a few times recently… and to paraphrase some of you: "Why?", "Why did you choose to do that?", "Why did you compose your image this way, or retouch and color grade this way, what was the goal?"...

There is a reason why I don’t always answer these questions.

  • I don’t always share the full session so they are taken out of context

  • Most of the videos I share here require agreements and authorizations from the models, entire team, location, and possible client.

  • I often share and prioritize the images that I can dissect technically, photographs that I judge interesting visually (it can be the color, the shapes, the framing, the overall concept) instead of sharing a series of photos that were constructed around a story or carried by a deeper message.

So some of them were part of a series, where there was actually a story a specific theme from the start, or a message. But I just didn't want to focus on that!

I know this sounds weird because usually, we are encouraged to create things with a story, a message, or a meaning. “Style over substance”, something you might have heard frequently. For sure, up to a certain point, you have to go beyond the creation of beautiful pictures with beautiful models in beautiful places.

Even though I've mostly shared this on my YouTube channel up until today, this doesn't mean I will not discuss this in future videos.

Now you know why, and I am seriously considering sharing more than the technical aspect of my photography, and share more of my personal work in the future. Emphasizing the aesthetic a little less and talk about the why and give more details on the gestation of the project.

In the meantime, let’s look at these images.

The first time I saw these stairs, I knew I had to play with the perspective. The shape of the rail greatly helped me to choose a starting point for Jessica’s shape. Of course, we had to find a pose that was comfortable enough for her to hold for a few seconds.

Jessica Dandine (Château la Tour carnet - Saint-Laurent-Médoc I France) Fujifilm GFX100s - GF 63mm F2.8 R WR 1/125sec f/2.8 ISO 200

The following images were actually made on the table where we had our meals during our entire stay. The chandelier on top, the reflection on the table were enough to convince me to use it for a few shots. The problem we faced here is the slippery surface of the wood which made it difficult for her to hold a pose and she couldn’t move too much once on it because damaging this historical piece of furniture would have resulted in the end of my career.

Jessica Dandine (Château la Tour carnet - Saint-Laurent-Médoc I France) Fujifilm GFX100s - GF 63mm F2.8 R WR 1/125sec f/2.8 ISO 200