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Do you need Filters? The ones I use Part III

Feat. K&F magnetic Filters

Last video about filters this year? in 2021, Probably!

We are going to end this series with another neat little package, no VND this time, but a UV filter, a CPL and ND1000 filter, and yet again a magnetic system but this time from K&F concept. Most of you might already know how valuable filters are for landscape photographers, so I don’t want to go there for this video, plus I am not a landscape photographer even sometimes I pretend to be during my free time. I talked about my main use of CPL filters in part II and I was curious to see how this performed in comparison.

Without Filters and With UV + CPL + ND1000

Remember that this is only a tool so it’s up to you to use it creatively. Whether you want reflections and glare in your shot is your call. The Filter I use the most is the VND. Being able to simply twist the filter and change the amount of light coming in is really useful. But sometimes depending on the quality of your filters, you can get underwhelming results. Vignetting, X patterns, color casts, dramatic loss of light, and so on. Usually, single filters perform better because they have only one job. In this set of Filters, you have an ND1000 stopping 10 stops of Light. This goes beyond what my other NDs offer me. For long exposures or extreme lighting conditions, this is a must-have. The UV Filter is the Filter I was less familiar with. I now use it to protect my lens from dirt, scratches, fingerprints, and accidental damage. It slightly reduces haze, and the bluish cast of daylight, and improves contrast by minimizing the amount of ultraviolet light that reaches my sensor. This is the Filter set I carry with me during my free time. I use it for my urban, architecture photography, street photography, and all my personal images, so basically, a lot of the images I do not share online, because they are too different from what I usually post. This doesn’t mean I don’t use them in my professional work, but I rarely need to block 10 stops of light, but If I do, this is my go-to.

You can of course stack these filters and cumulate the UV filter with a CPL and an ND1000. The magnetic system makes it a no-brainer! The K&F concept magnetic filter pack is well made. I feel confident using them in the field. They have a slightly better grip than my other filters, I just wish they included an additional lens cap to protect the filters while they are on the camera. I use again the 82mm filters, and they are delivered in this lovely little pouch. The entire set will cost you 154,79 euros (Lookout for discounts around the holidays!). I cannot live without these filers now, and you have guessed it depending on the job and my creative needs, I am currently switching between the 2 magnetic systems. Because of how versatile they are and how easy it is to use them. What about you? What are your go-to Filters?


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