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Power anywhere! ECOflow delta review

Power for your camera, flashes, continuous lights, projector, your photography and filmmaking gear… and more! I almost lost the fear of not having power on location. This is the ECOFlow Delta, and I’ve been waiting for this for a long time!

You probably have seen this already on the web or recently on my Instagram and recent intros. This is not the biggest model you also have the Delta MAX and the upcoming Delta PRO taking all of this a little further. But still, the delta is a beast of a battery and probably may suit most of you, for most of your needs. We used to travel in an RV and we now have a customized van, that we often use fr work. When I shoot on location, wether it is for photography or film, the first question that comes to my mind is: "how am I going to power all my gear?".

When shooting outdoors, this becomes a nightmare, because you really have to make sure you bring a few spare freshly recharged batteries just in case. The ECOflow Delta gives you the option to power all of your gear anywhere, which means you can make any place your office. Plug a computer or 2, recharge a couple of batteries, your phone, and so on.

These are some of the main specs of this monster:

The ECOFLOW DELTA at a glance:

- Charge from 0%-80% within 1 hour - 4x AC Outlets (Total 1800W) & 1260Wh capacity - Fast charge via solar panels and 12/24V car port - Power 11 devices simultaneously

1 399,00 € (and 150 € off starting November 22nd 2021!)

Apparently, you can plug a fridge into this, so we are already thinking about making an adapter to plug our mini-fridge into this in our van (just in case). I’ve seen people using this for outdoor trips and cooking with it. But ultimately for me, this is an amazing tool on set. I often use hungry continuous led lights for my work. For example, you can plug 2 Aputure 300x lights into this battery and use them at full power! Usually, you have to use 2 huge V mount batteries to use these types of lights at full power… and only for an hour or 2. Considering the price of V mount batteries these days, and the fact that you need a pair to power one light, this makes you think twice. There are different ways of charging this battery. The obvious one is to plug it at home on any power outlet. And the other one is with a little help from the sun.

Now I can work in several locations and even be away from home for a day or 2 and still be able to charge all my batteries without worrying about finding a place to charge them. I have an hour or more to go from one location to the next? Great, I can charge my batteries in the back of the van during the trip. We recently stayed one night outdoors for a special session because we needed to get up really early the next morning. No lights where we were staying so we used 2 Pavotubes for the night. These can only last a few hours, but with the ECOFlow, I knew we wouldn’t run out of power. And guess what? We decided to watch a movie there, so we plugged my computer, a projector, our phones, and our lights in the ECOflow all at once, and it worked flawlessly.

I mean this is only one of the many scenarios possible with these batteries. There are different sizes depending on your needs and budget. For bigger projects, the Delta MAX or PRO could be an essential tool on set. I’ve said it before, I only review gear that I actually use and that I believe in now. So usually when I share my thoughts about something on this channel, chances are, I like it. Concerning the ECOflow, I really love it. It is also amazingly built, easy to use and understand and although it is a bulky and heavy battery, it is to be expected. This is largely justified when you realize how much power you can carry around with you. You will probably see this lying around in future Behind-the-scenes videos, and I will most certainly briefly talk about it again here and there every time I will use it in an unconventional way, or on a special project. If you wish to learn more about ECOflow and its amazing products, click on the links below!

Get yours now!


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