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Fine art Nude photography (part II)

My first steps feat. Meava K.

This is part II of my journey exploring Fine art nude Photography. Fine art Nude photography (part I)

Some of the following images were orginally posted in the article about Vinyl backdrops. If you haven't seen the review and first behind the scenes video, here is the link: Upgrading to Vinyl backdrops?

You know light is the most important thing you have to master in photography... It seems obvious, but I feel a lot of photographers tend to forget it. With all this technology in the palm of our hands, all these powerful editing softwares, who needs to master light? Sorry to tell you that, but I am still struggling with light and still learning after 10 + years, and this is THE most important ingredient in your recipe. Strange analogy, but you get the point, light will break or make your photography.

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