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Fitness Photoshoot with Laurena Giunipero

What happens when you accidentally stumble upon a broken fence that gives you access to the Fort Carré? You have found a new location for your up-and-coming fitness photoshoot!

Laurena Giunipero ex-member of the French national aerobic gymnastics team, joined Marlène and me that afternoon for a test shoot in Antibes. My website is actually being updated and should be fresh shortly. If you come here from time to time you might have seen a few changes already.

I've decided recently to share more of my work outside dance photography. I simply would like to invest more time in sports-related projects and share it with you. The following pictures are a starting point for future creations. The idea is to start with the basics and slowly build on new ideas with elements, props that will enhance the performance or highlight it in a new way in order to build a strong visual identity.

I also wanted to test the power of my 800 watts Broncolor Siros L against the powerful sun of the french riviera... Of course, I have done it before, and as usual, it performed pretty well and I was able to achieve that contrasted, dark look I like. I hope I will be able to aim for the next level really soon. Whatever happens, I will let you guys know!


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